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2: The Weight of Words

Liv Nortillo tells her story of being bullied at a young age and living with the struggles of depression and anxiety for 13 years. She has had to handle people that misjudge her feelings by thinking that one cannot struggle with depression and anxiety yet still be close to God. In this episode, you get the opportunity to hear her passionate outlook on how people should be treated and how the hope of God rescued her from own self.

1: The Beginning

Lazy, ignorant, and passive. These are the words most adults use when describing Generation Y or Z. They think that these “kids” haven’t experienced the real world yet. That is not what I think. I see a generation rising that carries a fire and passion after experiencing pain at such a young age. The people I interview carry a hope that is unchanging… I call them, Those Who Know. In this short episode, hear my heart behind starting this podcast and where I see it going. Subscribe to be notified when the first interview is posted!