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13: Surrendering the Act

Shepherd Branch grew up in a Christian Church since he was 3 weeks old. Quickly, he learned how to play the part and look like a “good religious man”. Especially with living in the shadow of an influential older brother, Shepherd felt the pressure to have it all together. This act became even more convincing, not only to others but to himself, when he compared himself to his peers. He saw their actions as “bad” and thought he was living in a more godly light since nothing he did was seen in public. It took a man that consistently met with Shepherd to shake him from his distorted reality and said to him, “Shep, you don’t look like you’re doing okay”.

12: The Aftermath of Surviving

Lizzie was living in constant denial of what had happened to her that night. “There’s no way it was that bad, maybe she was the dirty one, maybe she should have known not to go that night.” These were the lies circulating in her head until she finally came to terms and spoke out the statement, “I was sexually assulted”. It was through therapy, meeting in the quiet space, and deeply mourning what had happened to her that led Lizzie to full restoration. Hear how Lizzie has learned to cope with the aftermath of survival, and take hope from the victory in her story.

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11: A Chosen Criminal

Rachel grew up only knowing abuse, drugs, and homelessness. This led Rachel on a path of deep addiction and shame, culminating to a point where she was willing to lose her life over an $80 drug deal. Now, Rachel is clean and travels around the world telling people about a REAL Hope. Listen to the craziness in Rachel’s life and how she has received healing.

*Explicit content is said in this episode including profanity, drug use, and abuse*

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10: Honest Suffering

Cole Harrison was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 18. His new community of friends and settlement into college life was completely stripped away, leaving him with anger and questions. Soon after the diagnosis St. Jude offered a medical trial that changed his life. Listen in as Cole explains the depth of his suffering and how honesty was the only thing he craved.

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9: With, No Matter What

Two people who were raised in complete polar opposites end up choosing one another. How? It all started from a simple note that said, “I’d go nuts if you went on a date with me”. Little did Madison and Ryan know that saying yes to this note would lead to the knowledge they have now on love and sacrifice. Listen as they explain their journey of clinging to a promise and foundation, no matter what the circumstances were.

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8: Trading Bread for Living Bread

Emma Black stepped into a giant abyss of the unknown, also known as college, and soon found herself trying to control anything in the midst of it all. What started as simply skipping one meal ended up snowballing into EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified). It took Emma over a year to finally accept what was happening, step out of the cycle of denial, and get help. Emma’s story of recovery is absolutely miraculous and beautifully raw. So sit down, drive, or unload the dishwasher as you get the privilege of listening to this victorious story.

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7: From Low to High

Judah thought he could find his purpose by dropping out of school and pursuing music. What seemed like a beautiful ambition was exposed as a romanticized dream with no legs to become a reality. Suddenly Judah became a man who couldn’t go anywhere without being high. He was stuck in his sadness and felt guilty for pulling other people into his pit. Listen as Judah describes how he is living in full freedom now and overcame his biggest challenge… to accept forgiveness and forgive himself.

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6: A Thirst Quenched

Some might think kids don’t remember what they witness when they are young, but Lucy Walters disproves that through her story. From alcoholism to checking the box of religion and morality, listen as Lucy describes her journey of finding what gave her the deepest form of freedom and happiness. This girl truly has seen it all from growing up in the Flatirons of beautiful Boulder, CO. So… Take a walk, drive around, or do some dishes and let Lucy guide you into what her reality was compared to what it is now.

5: How a Stranger Changed It All

Getting drunk every weekend trying to obtain the same happiness that everyone else around him seemed to have. “What’s wrong with me? Why is this not satisfying me?” Kyle thought to himself.

Sit down and listen to how Kyle Haertling used to live a double-life of church-going and partying until he had an encounter with a stranger that changed the course of his life.

4: Finding Ground in Terror

On December 13th, 2013, Arapahoe High School in Centennial, CO experienced a school shooting. Catherine Holmes was sitting in her theatre class completely unaware of what was happening until the SWAT team came in. Hear how this terrifying moment that could have taken the ground from underneath her, actually gave her a firmer foundation.

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